Career Move in the UK

I found Spa Elite to be very professional, they have kept in contact with me throughout, from the beginning of me applying for a Spa Therapist job to the very end. The staff are all helpful and fully explain what is required throughout each stage.  This was my first time applying for a job on line in 15 years + with a change of Career to boot. I have been successful and looking forward to my new career. Big Thank you to Maddie.

Elaine - Spa Therapist

Career Move in London

I’d like to thank all the staff at Spa Elite with finding my current job in London.  They were supportive and efficient, I love my job, probably the best I’ve ever had. Many thanks, Philippa

Philippa - Spa Therapist

Spa Elite | Elite Temp Team

During these tough times, we all need simplicity and stability, Spa Elite has been the company to provide this. Ease of stress and control of your working schedule, the app that Spa Elite offers is user friendly and efficient. Enabling you to accept days you want to work, chat with the spa elite personnel when needed, the app makes your life easier.

I can truly say Spa Elite have made my life stress free and enjoyable.

Victoria - Temp Spa Therapist for Spa Elite

Career Move to Saudi Arabia

Maddie at Spa Elite was a pleasure to work with. Throughout the whole process, from initial consult through, prepping for first and second stage interviews through to a call wishing me luck before boarding my flight- her professionalism and helpfulness has been second to none.

I have worked with various recruitment specialists throughout my time in the industry; as a recruiter and candidate, I must say I have been very impressed.

The little details matter in a move to a new country and Maddie guided me perfectly through the process.

What has impressed me further is the constant touch points whilst I’ve been out there and the desire to constantly improve the service she offers by asking for feedback and what information could help new candidates.

Fitness Professional