Our Clients and Therapists are Calling our Exclusive Temp Booking Portal/App a Game Changer

Spa Elite is helping spas and wellness businesses operate more efficiently and effectively when booking therapist cover




Spa Elite is a well-known name in the wellness industry and has been at the forefront of innovation and technology by continuing to revolutionise the wellness industry through our Spa Elite Temp Booking Portal and Temp App. Our Temp booking portal allows spa or wellness businesses to easily book temporary staff while offering a seamless and streamlined experience for therapists looking to book flexible spa work

The Spa Elite Temp Booking Portal allows clients to log in 24/7 365 to fully manage temp bookings, add dates, and shifts and send instant job alerts to our Spa Elite therapists in real-time, Therapists can accept available shifts any time of day and are instantly booked in

Shifts can be sent any time of day by clients for total flexibility.  The moment our clients load their shifts onto the Spa Elite Booking Portal, our Elite therapists instantly receive their job notifications on their mobile phone app.  Our Spa Elite App then alerts the therapist that they are in demand, and simply tap the Spa Elite job notification, review all the job details including start time, finish time, breaks etc and the location map so that they are able to check the travelling distance and time.  Once all of this has been reviewed the Spa Elite therapist simply taps accept and that’s it, they are booked in and your shift is covered, the whole process can take only a matter of a few minutes



Spa Elite Temp Booking Portal Offers Numerous Benefits for Clients Looking to Book Temporary Spa Staff

  • Easy and convenient, the booking process is fast, easy, and convenient for clients.  You can access the portal from anywhere, at any time, and book temporary spa staff in just a few clicks
  • You will be provided with your own secure online client portal, so you have full control over your temp bookings
  • The portal offers flexible booking options, allowing clients to book temporary staff for short or long-term assignments, depending on their needs
  • A comprehensive ‘Job Schedule’ displaying all filled, unfilled, in progress and completed shifts for reporting and electronic shift sign off
  • Add, amend, and delete shift times and dates in your booking diary, the system updates the candidate via their App in real time
  • Sign off timesheets on the Therapists’ own App at the end of their shift or via your portal if there is no one around at the end of their shift
  • Confirmation to you in real-time via email when a Temp accepts your shifts (via their App)
  • Booking temporary staff through Spa Elite’s portal can be a cost-effective solution as Clients only pay for the time they need and can avoid the costs associated with recruiting, training, and benefits
  • Our recruitment team thoroughly screens all Therapists before they are added to the portal
  • Spa Elite Temp Booking portal is designed to streamline and simplify the process of booking temporary Spa and Beauty professionals. It is a user-friendly portal that connects spa and wellness businesses with qualified temporary staff for short-term or on-demand work while managing your bookings in a seamless and organised manner



Benefits for Therapists Booking Shifts via our Spa Elite App

  • As a temp with Spa Elite, you have the flexibility to work when you want and choose the assignments that suit your schedule, this can be particularly beneficial for those who have other commitments, such as studying, childcare, other part-time work or looking to top up your income
  • Spa Elite offers assignments across a range of spas, hotels, wellness resorts, salons, and clinics giving you the opportunity to work in different environments and gain experience in various settings
  • Book in for Temp Therapist work any time of day
  • Our easy-to-use booking App will send available shift notifications to you immediately without delay, 24/7 365
  • Streamlined booking process with an accurate, real-time ‘My Jobs’ summary of your upcoming shifts, reducing the risk of accidentally double booking yourself or forgetting where you have booked yourself
  • Calendar view of all of your shifts for the week/month and the ability to add your holidays/availability to the system for you and our Clients to view
  • Message section so you can communicate with our team directly via the App
  • No more paper timesheets for you to print off and take in with you, it’s all done on the App
  • Overall, temping with Spa Elite can provide a flexible, varied, and rewarding experience that can help you develop your skills and build your career in the spa and wellness industry along with increasing your income

Welcome to a Smarter Way of Working

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