A wonderful fragrance combination perfect for burning during the day when working or cleaning to fill the room with refreshing, citrusy, fruity aromas

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For centuries, lime has been used in Chinese medicine for detoxification as well as in the improvement of the flow of the body’s energy. Lime essential oil is refreshing, citrusy, fruity and vibrant and is known to lift the mood and reduce feelings of stress and anxiety. It is also a lovely oil to have infusing your home during your household cleaning regime

Black Pepper has been used for centuries in ancient medicine in India and China. The essential oil extract is distilled from the crushed fruit of the pepper vine. Black Pepper is a staple of our kitchens, but little do we know the remarkable benefits of this wonderous everyday ingredient. It is known to relieves aches and pains, aid digestion, lowers cholesterol, boasts antiviral properties, lowers blood pressure, eases feelings of anxiety and cigarette cravings and helps detoxify the body

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